Agriculture Investment in Iran


Foreign Agriculture Investment is permitted in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations of the country. All foreign investors are permitted to invest, for the purpose of development and producing activities, in all areas of industry, mining, agriculture and services. Agriculture Investment is one of the most efficient investing since Iran has lot to offer with its rich water source and planting grounds.

Agriculture Investment will not only be in successful in fruit and vegetables but a variety of medical required plants are growing in Iran and most of them are ready to harvest all seasons. The climatic condition in Iran is one of the most exclusive ones in the world. Having a four season climate is an advantage for agricultural operations nationwide. The temperature difference in winter between the warmest and the coldest spots sometimes equals around 50 degrees. In general, Iran is located in an arid and semi-arid region of the world with reference to the precipitation level.

According to FAO’s statistics, in 2008, Iran was ranked the first country in the world in terms of pistachios production. It has also been provided with the following world rankings in recent years:

  • Apricots and dates: the fourth
  • Cherries and almonds: the third
  • Walnuts and apples: the fourth
  • Black cherries and figs: the fifth
  • Peaches and lemons: the sixth
  • Hazelnuts and oranges: the seventh

Agriculture Investment Sectors

The agriculture sector’s share in the formation of fixed gross capital (in current and constant prices of 2007) has been around 4.8 percent within the recent years. Although the sector’s share is not high, it accounts for 13.5 percent of GDP (constant price in 2007) and more than 18 percent of the national employment. Such a trend indicates the great potentials of the sector on the one hand, and represents the decline in tendency towards investment in the sector on the other hand. Thus, the sector needs fundamental reforms in various aspects including the production structure, pricing policies in order to act more dynamically and to attract required and quality investments

Agriculture Investment Guarantee Fund

Most of the entrepreneurs in different economic fields of the country, due to lack of adequate collaterals, do not have access to credit facilities and, thus, they have not been able to execute their planned projects and realize their ideas. Accordingly, Investment Guarantee Fund, as a financial and legal entity involved in credit guarantee, is among those organizations, which can initiate operation in capital and money markets and partially or entirely resolve the existing problems.

Crops and plants
• Wheat • Rice • Sugar • Pistachio • Saffron • Tea • Horticulture • Fruits
• sheep • goats • cattle • donkeys • horses • water buffalo • mules • poultry
• bream • whitefish • salmon • mullet • carp • catfish • perch • roach • shrimps • prawns