Investing in software and developing

Investing in software

not always natural resources are best targets of investing your money sometimes you should consider areas that are more modern and more convenient like investing in software that proven to be a great deal in past few years, in USA only investing in software made companies such as Google,Facebook and others larger than energy companies or car manufacturers.

investing in software and development is our strong point, Software and Developing from webdesign to complicated engineering core coding is our expertise. east countries such as Iran and India were always top ranked for their logistic minds, whoever have this kind of brain can work in software and developing.Investing in software and developing is not only way much cheaper to hire a software engineer in Iran, we can offer services like long time support with no charges, fast developing, graphic and interface design, SEO, and so many more options along side of the main contract. Investing in software and developing will be a great step if you want to make the software and apps and sell them in European and American markets.

you can start Investing in software and developing companies of Iran and let them work on your ideas then you can easily be the distribute and seller of the software, a huge different of working with an Iranian team is you can ask for software sources, or we will stand instead of you as the contractor to assure you that your software and idea is safe in Iran and won’t sell with anyone else as it will be mentioned in your contract with bank assurances.

Investing in software and developing

by Investing in software and developing in Iran you will get variety of services from designing to coding from a professional team with at least half the price you might pay in USA, Europe or any other country. there are advertising, Search Engine experts, marketing managers, and so many other professional members who are well known and with good resume in Iran waiting for a contract to be outsourced to them.

if you have an Idea or you want to run a 3rd parity software company we can support you from Iran, developers are way much cheaper faster and supportive than most of the world

If you have some idea in mind or you are thinking of applying IT technology in a unique and interesting way and you are not sure whether the concept is feasible, our consultants can assist you with technical advice, Investing and assessment resulting in a project feasibility report to provide you with a clear vision of how this solution can be used to meet your business objectives or gain a distinct advantage over competitors. If you need the assurance that your concept is both technically and financially viable prior to investing in development, our highly experienced and top class team of professionals can implement feasibility study, prototypes and proof of concept demonstrations for validating your concept thus helping you envision your custom application before it is developed and make decisions as to committing it to implementation.

Whether it be web development, application development, eCommerce or E-Learning, we approaches a software development project as a puzzle that needs to be solved.  The main objective of successful software development project is to provide your business with added value and increased operational efficiency.  By approaching technology with our experienced business knowledge, we can provide software development consulting and solutions that directly solve unique business challenges.

Core services span the following Software and Developing practices

  • Custom Software Design & Development
  • Custom Web Application Design & Development
  • Custom Database Design, Development & Management
  • PDA Software Development
  • Custom Web Design & Original Art Work
  • Information Technology Consulting


Technical expertise in IT includes the following main technologies

  • PHP (Yii Framework), jQuery, AJAX
  • .NET Web & Desktop
  • Java EE & SE
  • C++
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle


Web Applications
Leverage the benefits of web applications - Available to your employees and customers anytime, anywhere, deliver seamless upgrades, connect with social networks and access advanced analytics and tracking.
Business Systems
Need a new system developed from scratch? Support, maintenance and enhancements including but not limited to intranets, task tracking, budget, inventory and point of sale systems.
Mobile Applications
Android, iPhone, Tablets and Windows Phone applications that integrate with your existing systems and provide superior convenience to your customers and users.
Legacy Systems
We are experienced in handling critical legacy systems, replacing or updating them with new technologies to extend their useful life.
Project Recovery
If you've terminated a relationship with an existing provider and need to pick up the pieces or need resources to help a struggling internal team - We help get troubled projects back on track to meet your deadlines.
Industry Specialization
We have specialized experience in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and logistics sector, with deep knowledge of regulatory requirements and the handling of sensitive data.