Investment Consulting in Iran

Investment Consulting

Located in key financial centers around the world, the team conducts sophisticated investigations, uncovers actionable intelligence and performs value-added analysis to help decision-makers address and mitigate risk, protect assets, re-mediate compliance, make informed decisions and maximize opportunities.Cicerone Investment Consulting in Iran provides law firms, corporations and government agencies with sophisticated and comprehensible analyses of complex economic issues to assist them in understanding the issues and opportunities they face. Our Economic Consulting practice is involved in a wide range of engagements related to economics, finance and accounting. We provide critical insight and expert testimony in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision making and public policy debates. We also have deep expertise in antitrust issues, mergers and acquisitions, securities litigation and risk management, valuation and international arbitration.

Investment Consulting in Iran services includes

  • Specialized valuation opinions and expert testimony:
    • International disputes before international courts of jurisdiction and arbitration tribunals
    • Transaction pricing and structuring in commercial acquisitions and divestitures
    • Strategic and financial restructuring, ownership structure transformation
    • Securities fraud
    • Valuation for financial reporting compliance
    • Tax and regulatory compliance
    • Regulatory and accounting
  • Assistance making economic and investment decisions that significantly affect shareholder value, economic returns or capital allocation
  • Expert advice regarding financial reporting, regulatory, taxing authority and stakeholder investment compliance
  • Fairness opinions and Investment advisory services
  • Solvency and fraudulent transfer opinions and advisory services
  • Investor relations and fundraising
  • Expert testimony and analysis regarding professional negligence claims involving accounting firms in the area of valuation issues or claims
  • Valuation of private estates
  • Group restructuring and fiscal valuations
  • Transactions and disputes between shareholders
  • Post-acquisition disputes and expropriation claims
  • Acquisitions and disposals of businesses