solving legal issues in Iran

solving legal issues in Iran

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Solving legal issues in Iran is not always easy and also you may not get the same result on same cases since judges are working with their own knowledge and decisions are mostly affected by their assistants, and for those who doesn’t live in Iran or are not familiar with Islamic law this could be a bit problem and misunderstanding. cases like divorce and speculation are most occurred in Iran and are way much worse than business cases. also there is always negotiation options that might help you even without court.

Finding a law firm that can solve such problems and also talking the same language since you have to know not only Persian but native Arabic (Islamic Law) is your challenge.  Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Respect, Trust. If you are looking for an Iranian law firm with experienced, dedicated, well-rounded and aggressive attorneys, we can give you the legal advice and representation that you need.  When you have a legal issues in Iran, you want to know that your attorney will have the resources, time and ability to give you the best legal advocacy possible.

we render legal issues in Iran such as

  • International trade law
  • family issues
  • insolvency
  • insurance law issues
  • investment related issues
  • foreign investment
  • banking
  • finance
  • corporations
  • taxation
  • intellectual property
  • telecommunication
  • arbitration and litigation
  • debt collection
  • contracts of employment
  • International trade
  • shareholder agreements
  • business restructuring and other commercial cases
  • Iranian Immigration Services

other legal issues

We handle trademark, patent, industrial design and domain name and business matters in Iran including prosecution and enforcement, anti-counterfeiting, Joint Ventures (JVs), Commercial Agreements, Company Formation, Due Diligence, Unfair Competition and False Representation


  • Trademark
  • Filing
  • Assignment
  • Licensing
  • Changes
  • Renewal
  • Patent
  • Filing
  • Assignment
  • Licensing
  • Changes
  • Industrial Design
  • Domain Name
  • Litigation
  • Watching Services
  • Search
  • Company Registration


we will get you trough the toughest cases in Iran

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