Medical and Health

Medical and Health

There are huge potentials for investment in health infrastructures due to Iran’s capabilities in health tourism. Iranian doctors are among the best in the world. Dentistry is highly advanced and Iran has the potential to become a medical tourism destination. The government has eased the process of developing these platforms as it sees the potential for high returns on investment thanks to the tourism potential the country possesses.Iran’s interest in nanotechnology and biotechnology has prompted the establishment of a variety of specialized care facilities, including institutions focused on optometry and organ transplants. Education and up-to-date equipment supports distributors, while working with active pharmaceutical ingredients has supported the profitability of the sector.

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Experiencing 23%-25% growth per year, the pharmaceuticals industry is a key driver of the healthcare sector overall. Focusing on the production of high-tech medicines that can be exported to emerging markets, pharmaceutical companies are working to meet demand and maintain growth. In 2011, the domestic market was worth $4.5 billion.

An exceptional workforce and a booming pharmaceuticals industry have spurred growth in Iran’s healthcare sector in recent years.Investments in biotechnology and nanotechnology characterize the industry, with local manufacturers focused on offering high-tech products to the domestic market as well as developing countries abroad.

Structure of Health Sector in Iran

Three fundamental pillars support Iran’s highly centralized healthcare sector: public and gov­ernmental entities, private providers, and NGOs. Expenditures for the healthcare sector were pegged at $31.7 billion in 2012, and that figure is estimated to reach $50 billion by end-2013. The government has consistently invested approximately 5% of GDP in the sector annually during recent years.

Nearly every decision made regarding the sector’s goals and policies is made by the Minis­try of Health and Medical Education (MOHME), which exercises the executive responsibility for health care within the framework of the Iranian government. MOHME has the legal authority to oversee, license, and regulate the activities of the private health sector.

Some facts and statistics:

  • With over 830 medical institutions and more than 110,000 beds, the local medical network is prepared to accommodate region’s growing population.
  • Over 85% of the 6,200 generic-branded pharmaceutical products in Iran are produced locally.
  • Foreign products, imported by 75 companies, are processed at 20 main import centers before being registered on the Iranian market.

Health Tourism

In terms of medical and health care tourism, Iran boasts the distinct advantage of well-educated professionals and affordable costs. As one of the most advanced countries for health care and technology, many investors have seized the opportunity to establish operations and medical facilities in Iran; the year 2012 saw the arrival of approximately 30,000 medical tourists.

Although leisure, business, and healthcare tourism opportunities are blossoming in Iran, ICHTO has identified key areas for improvement. Among its aims is the need for greater tourism promotion abroad, and the organization has launched a campaign to attract international tour agencies and build better infrastructure for the expected increase in international arrivals. “We currently lead $500,000 worth of projects for the development of tourism infrastructure. After the completion of over 800 projects, we will witness tremendous growth,”

Medical industry invested projects

  • Production test tube (Venoject)
  • blood sac production
  • Anti-diabetic drugs (Human insulin and oral anti-diabetic)
  • Production Laboratory Equipment (measuring strength, flexibility and tensile strength)
  • Modern hospital bed
  • Medical Plaster
  • Medical diagnostic devices
  • Blood sample tubes disposable
  • Blood Bag
  • Production of medicine interferon
  • production Of Zeolite nanoparticles for disinfection of livestock
  • production of animal drugs
  • Vaccine production
  • Probiotics production
  • Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Production and packing of medicinal plants extracts and essential oil
  • medical imaging
  • Medicine Company
  • Tablet and capsule manufacturing
  • Dental filling material
  • medical imaging
  • Production of Medicinal Plants priority Aloe Vera and other herbs seedling production
  • Herbal medicine
  • Production of Medicinal Substances with Herbal Sources in west of province
  • Production of Medicinal Substances with Herbal Sources in east of province
  • Manufacturing Orthopedic Implants & Prosthesis
  • Synthesis of Vitamin E
  • Production of Medicinal Substances with Herbal Sources
  • Poultry Vaccine