Sanctions on hold

15 February 2014
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15 February 2014, Comments 0

Not very long time ago just after presidential election of the 11th government of Iran, we were on sanctions that affected every one’s life even those who are not hired in government and also children. It started when Mr. Ahmadinejad decided to show off and told media that they are working on atomic projects. Even though they were peaceful and process begun before him, this announcement as he had his own kind of literature made world’s leader anguished. And sanctions were called as what happened before for Pakistan and North Korea even with Iran diplomacy and credit.

Fortunately they all happened in past and today with all the negotiations and comforting the world also showing them the true purpose of these projects Iran Sanctions are on hold and there is more chance to all this that Iran will get it’s credits back sooner than we all thought.

Iran Sanctions are on hold

White house and president Obama urged senate to hold off on Iran sanctions as before said that senate behavior will affect the process of negotiation and also will no longer be just harmful for Iran government and people of Iran are mostly tormented.

Secretary of State John Kerry said “could destroy the ability to be able to get agreement and it could actually wind up setting us back in a dialogue that’s taken 30 years to be able to achieve” after some senators decided to put more laws against Iran nuclear program even after negotiation showed hope and seemed to be on track.

But these days after Iran’s minister of foreign affairs Mr. Zarif called negotiations milestone, both sides are showing new kind of literature meaning that hopes are raising. Most of Iran’s blocked money from oil industry or other parts are coming back, timelines are drawn and planes seems to be functional.

In such cases companies who have been in Iran are trying to go on what they have started long time ago before Ahmadinejad, also there are new faces from other countries to investigate for the first time with competition thirst. May be as Zarif called it once we can say that new investigation might be the Milestone for our part of this event series

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