Transportation in Iran

Transportation in Iran

A well-knit and coordinated system of transport plays an important role in the sustained growth of a country. Transportation in Iran has recorded an extensive growth over the years both in spread of network and in output of the system. Glimpses of several modes of transport such as rail, road, water ways, air and metro are provided in this section. Details of the Ministries and organizations, policies, schemes, projects, online services related to the sector are given. we can provide any sort of transportation from rental private cars with/without driver to helicopter ride.

Private transfer

This is the public transfer service on private basis. In case you book a private transfer you would directly be transferred as the car and staff would be assigned fully for your service.

Deluxe transfer

This service is basically similar to the ordinary transfer service with the difference of separate porter service, welcome kit and deluxe vehicle to be selected from the list following list:

  • Separate Porter Service Uniformed personnel
  • Meeting Desk In Customs Area (For Groups)
  • Company logo Meeting Board
  • V.I.P. Vehicles Welcome Kits (souvenir, post cards, map, book, info kit )
  • Wheel Chair and Handicap Vehicle


Other transportation services

Iran postal service

we are offering you help to post parcels out of Iran. Fill out the form below and tell us the details of your postal request.The Islamic Republic of Iran Post Company has 209 central post offices which supervise all the 275 urban and 1,153 rural post offices. The company provides many of the internationally available post services. Parcel sending is very cheap and reliable. Bring your items unpacked to the post office. International courier companies such as DHL, Skypak etc have offices in Tehran and accept documents for foreign destinations

Iran train ticket booking

not only trains go all over Iran you can also use them for international destinations. we can book train tickets or schedule a trip to all cities of Iran with hotel reserved, this will be a one time opportunities.

  • Tehran to Istanbul train
  • Tabriz to Vaan train
  • Tehran to Damascus Train
  • Zahedan to Kuwaiteh Train
  • Sarakhs to Central Asia and Russia


Iran car rental service

there are cab companies in Iran that offer a variety of car models and services in city or further. we can make a contract with them instead of you or you can use our car rental service that includes a leader who is able to speak English to help you out or play the role of your purchasing officer. also we can provide information of the places you planed to see

  • car rental without the driver
  • car rental with the driver
  • vans/minibuses/buses